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Federal Election Purpose

Solicitations must inform solicitees that their contributions will be used in connection with federal elections or that they are subject to the limits and prohibitions of the Federal Election Campaign Act. 102.5(a)(2)(ii) and (iii).

Disclaimer Notice

Solicitations for the party committee must include a disclaimer stating who has paid for the communication and must contain the following information:

If the communication is authorized by a candidate, candidate's committee or agent of either entity, but paid for by any other person: The disclaimer must state the communication is paid for by the third party and is authorized by the candidate, authorized committee, or agent. Example: “Paid for by XYZ State Party Committee and authorized by Joe Smith for Congress.” 110.11(b)(2).

If the communication is not authorized by a candidate, authorized committee, or agent of either, the disclaimer must include who paid for the communication, the permanent street address, telephone number or web site address of the person paying for the communication and whether the communication was authorized by any candidate. 110.11(b). Example: “Paid for by the XYZ State Party Committee (www.XYS.org) and not authorized by any federal candidate.” 110.11(b)(3).

For additional information concerning disclaimers, see " Disclaimer Notices"or consult the FEC’s brochure “Special Notices on Political Ads and Solicitations.”

“Best Efforts” Notice

Party committees and their treasurers must make “best efforts” to obtain, maintain and report the name, address, occupation and employer of each contributor who gives more than $200 in a calendar year. 102.9(d). In order to show that the committee has made “best efforts,” solicitations must specifically request that information and inform contributors that the committee is required by law to undertake best efforts to report it. 104.7(b)(1). For details, see “ Treasurer’s Best Efforts."

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