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Steve Thomas

Hi, my name is Steve Thomas.

As a father and grandfather (one of the youngest feeling grandfathers I know), and a resident of Utah for 20 years, I come to the Being Human Party with a commitment to use my experience and skills to promote the well-being of every Human Being in America and on our little planet, by promoting the possibility that personal “accountability” and “responsibility” will make “politics” irrelevant.

They keys are: 1) the people must be “able to account” – they must be told the facts, the truth, about the issues; and 2) the people know how they can “respond” to these facts, how to act effectively on a day to day basis – with the products they buy, and the phone calls, emails, and letters they make.

With over 40 years experience in communications, I am committed to delivering a personalized, "community oriented" perspective to the issues. For over two decades, I have been actively involved in Customer Relations Management ("CRM") and “educational sales”, as one of a small handful of pioneers of consumer and business-to-business seminar selling. He has presented, planned, and supervised over 1,000 seminars or conventions to well over 100,000 attendees. At one event at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Mr. Thomas spoke to an audience of approximately 10,000 to promote the principles and techniques of personal financial independence. With all this experience as a business and marketing consultant to many small and medium businesses, he is committed to using these techniques to inform each person in each community of the facts and truth about the issues.

Steve developed, wrote and produced audio and video aid tools, including infomercials Mr. Thomas has been lauded as among the “Top 5 Infomercial presenters in America.” The internet? Interestingly, Mr. Thomas and Wade B. Cook (author of Wall Street Money Machine and Real Estate Money Machine) co-founded one of the first “on-line” businesses in America, “Companion Financial Network.” The word “Internet” was unheard of at the time; the web as we know it today was then described as “a totally distributed, interactive computer data base.”

As a personal interest, Mr. Thomas has been certified as a clinical hypnotherapist and has developed a workshop dealing with personal communications skills, personal power and awareness training, goal achievement, and negotiating in relationships; participants have rate the program “excellent.” He has been a radio broadcaster, program and promotions director in radio. Mr. Thomas has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. All of Steve’s children are grown up and very entrepreneurial, and wonderfully resourceful and independent. As a personal note, Steve is a musician and has written over 50 songs.

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