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Being Human Party Candidate Profile
Joe LaBonte: 2004 Utah Senate Candidate

Joe LaBonte, US Senate Candidate for Utah is Being Human Party Candidate
Joe LaBonte,
Utah Senate Race

Joe LaBonte, co-founder of the Being Human Party is a candidate for the US Senate, running in his home state of Utah .

Candidate LaBonte, or Just Joe is a long distance driver with a distinguished career as a community activist and organizer who intends to bring a vision of social fairness and equal participation by all citizens to his campaign against both Democratic and Republican Party candidates

Read Joe Labonte's Blog. Follow the Being Human Party's
Canditate for the Utah US Senate, and add your comments

Meet Joe Labonte-Your Human Party Candidate,
Community Based Representation & Voice

Joe Labonte is a man on a mission to establish a creditable voting alternative in the November 2004 election campaign in Utah . Just Joe is running under an emerging political party and social activist organization that he has so-founded and participates in as Executive Director.

He has undertaken these herculean tasks because he believes that all individuals as human beings have the personal power to make a difference in their community when they speak the truth and compel all political campaign participants to speak the truth to voters.

Please accept Joe's personal invitation to learn more about his candidacy, the issues facing Utah voters in this crucial election campaign and the growing appeal of a political party founded on the principal of individuals being human to each other.

Lean more about Joe LaBonte, who when not driving the highways of North America as a long haul trucker is working in commnity development and social action committees to make a difference. Join Just Joe and consider learning more about the Being Human Party and their candidates for office.

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Joe Labonte’s Biographical Statement

Who is Joe Labonte, co-founder and Executive Director of the Being Human Party and our Being Human candidate for the U.S. Senate from Utah? "Just" Joe is a truck driver, the owner-operator of an 18 wheel big rig, carrying goods across America.

In his fifty five years Joe has:

  • raised chickens, cattle and gardens in the 4-H Club of Louden, New Hampshire and worked on dairy farms

  • hunted, fished, played hockey and tennis with his dad

  • sang in the choir of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

  • served during the Vietnam conflict from ’68 to ’72 on the U.S.S. Lexington as an electronics technician until being honorably discharged

  • worked with first-time offenders through the local probation department
    facilitated meetings and conferences for day-care, adoption, child abuse and neglect agencies

  • directed the technical crew in a star-package summer stock theater and advised teens in developing their own youth theater program

  • danced in a ballet company and acted and sang with a Florida opera company

  • was a "roust-about" on oil rigs and a deck hand and second mate on tugs in the oil fields of the bayou and delta region of Louisiana

  • walked with and assisted native Americans in a Trail of Tears Walk from Georgia to Oklahoma in 1992

  • joined the Sacred Run program in Australia and New Zealand in 1993 to bring attention to the Aboriginal and Maori land claims

  • Walk for Justice - Click here for a larger image joined in a Walk for Justice from Sacramento, California to Washington, D. C. in 1994 to present a million names in petition for the release of Leonard Pelletier from Federal prison

  • crossed the country on foot from Los Angeles to St. Augustine, Florida in 1996 with the Walk For Survival of Family and Mother Earth

  • worked hand in hand with Utah’s Goshute Tribe on environmental justice issues out of which came the Environmental Justice Foundation.

But if that’s all you know about Joe, you don’t know why he has such a passion for the truth, for peaceful solutions to human problems and for our democracy of, for and by the people.

What you need to know is that, through his life experience, Joe has discovered the value of heeding, respecting and acting on his moments of intuition and innate wisdom.

What you need to know is that Joe has discovered that each human being has a center of wisdom that is needed in today's world.

What you need to know is that, wherever Joe has gone, whatever he has done with his life, he has borne witness to the power of community, diverse people sharing their time, talents and dreams and, yes, working through their differences.

What you need to know is that, wherever Joe has experienced community, he has found people willing to risk finding their strengths and helping the young to find theirs.

What you need to know is that Joe has learned, through his own experiences, that the individual makes it best in life surrounded by supportive folk of all ages who help her or him remain responsible for and accountable to our best values as a people.

What you need to know is that Joe is running as a Being Human Party candidate for the U. S. Senate from Utah because he feels that we, the people, need to reassert our responsibility for our government which protects and enhances our common good, and that only the people should "own" their government.

If that's all you know about Joe, you now know that Joe will lead by inviting us all to play our parts in building a strong responsible and accountable democracy here at home and as a helpful and responsible neighbor within the community of nations.

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The Blog of Joe Lebonte - US Senate Candidate for Utah