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The Logo of the Being Human Party

"God bless the grass that grows through the crack
They pour the concrete over it, but the grass grows back."

These words written by songster of justice, Malvina Reynolds, reflect the theme of the Being Human Party. The grass roots, the people, are the living spirit of democracy. In a vibrant democracy the government is truly that of, by and for the people.

In these early years of the twenty-first century, people around the world yearn for democracy. At the same time, counter forces who fear the innate vitality and wisdom of the grass roots, those forces that would impose upon the people one true way to worship God, one right way to cultural expression, one officially approved avenue to self-realization, are attempting to force their way to power or to sustain the power they have already obtained.

But "the grass grows back." The grass-roots continues to find its way through the concrete of oppression and fear wherever it is found. In this twenty-first century the vitality and creativity of the human spirit which seeks expression through multitudes of awakened humans will find its way to vibrant and living democracy.

It is our mission as a Being Human Party to facilitate grassroots expression wherever we find it in the political, spiritual and ethical spheres of life. Our logo was designed by artist Jerry LoFaro of Henniker , New Hampshire . Check out his work on www.illustrator.net.


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