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The Being Human Party Legal Defense Fund is geared to assist those who have no recourse regarding human rights and environmental legal issues. Our focus is to create a network of dedicated attorneys, paralegals and research teams that are passionate about their service to their community.

We are presently creating a national and in the future international community of such people. Our focus is twofold:

1. To address each issue on a case-by-case basis in the communities in which the problem resides.

2. To create and promote legislative initiatives to help resolve those problems.

In many of these cases the individual or group that is adversely affected will become the advocacy individual or group in that community. It is our hope that the collaboration between the individual or group, our legal team and the legislative process we can bring an effective resolution to not only the issue, but more importantly the underlying problem that the issue represents.

It is the hope of the Being Human Party that people will come to understand that their ongoing participation beyond the specific resolution of their issue is required. Too often people go to court, feeling that once their issue is resolved no further effort is required of them. Our intention is to resolve the issue, create proactive tools for the individual or group to continue to address that issue and help build a strong supporting network of like-minded people.

The single most important determining factor in whether or not we looks at the case is whether a person or group was willing to become a partner rather than a client. We are not interested in putting out fires but rather building an environment where fires do not take place.

Oftentimes an issue that we deal with is symptomatic of a larger problem.

It is the larger problem that is of interest to us which requires a lot of hard work and dedication of all parties. It is the hard work and dedication in our clients that we look for and is for the most part the determining factor , as to whether or not we will accept a case.

If you feel that this fund can be appropriate for your community, then please contact us.

Executive Director,

Joseph K. Labonte

Blog of Joe Labonte is a good source for updates on recent actions taken by the Defense Fund program as well as other commitments undertaken by the Being Human Party



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